ARTspark brings together ART alums with emerging and established writers,
directors, and actors to promote collaboration and development of new plays and screenplays. Founded in 2011 by committee*, the program received over 150 plays and screenplays within a week of its initial outreach.  In house readings provide writers with the opportunity to hear their work out loud and get feedback from the ART Alumni community while public readings provide a forum for artists to share their work with the general public. ARTSpark has to date hosted several readings featuring writers and directors such as Bixby Elliot, Billy Goda, Josh Hecht, David Lavine, Kelly McAllister, Beth McGee, Kate Mulley, Marc Scully and ART alum Nat DeWolf. 

This Spring ARTspark will host a recurring salon where alums can socialize and present 'sparks' of work. ARTSpark will also sponsor a renewed collaboration between ART and Brown MFA alums, in the spirit of the 48 hour plays that take place at the ART.

If you are interested in participating in any of these events and/or have a hand in planning them, please contact Nurit Monacelli in New York and Adam Kern in Los Angeles at

*2011 Reading committee included Dan Domingues, Ashley Wren Collins, Adam Kern, Nurit Monacelli, Paul Murillo, Anna Rahn & Chudney Sykes.