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"Red" with Tommy Derrah

David R. Gammons (Directing, '95) directed the Boston premiere of John Logan's "Red" for Boston's SpeakEasy Stage Company in January 2012, starring former ART Company member Tommy Derrah in the role of Mark Rothko.

Tommy Derrah as Mark Rothko
Tommy Derrah in "Red"

Screening - Last Night At Angelo's

LAST NIGHT AT ANGELO'S, a short film written by A.R.T. acting alum Marguerite Stimpson (2001), will receive its premiere at the Arizona
International Film Festival on Tuesday, April 24, 6PM at The Screening Room, 127 East Congress in downtown Tucson. LAST NIGHT features performances by nine A.R.T. acting alumni- Marguerite Stimpson, Gerardo Rodriguez (2001), Nurit Monacelli (2000), Ashley Wren Collins (2003), Doug Goodenough (2000), Evan Zes (2000), Tor Hillhouse (2004), Sandra Struthers (2006), and Frank Avoletta (2000). For more information, check out this link for the 2012 Arizona International Film Festival:

Second Years looking to fund showcase trip

ART's soon to be alums are trying offset the cost of showcase as much as possible.  They have set up a fundraising page and are about $4000 short of thier goal with 38 days to go.  We all remember how showcase was, if you have a little to spare, please help them out.



Trailer: "The Perfect Wedding" with alum Roger K. Stewart

"Cape Disappointment" with alums Dana Marks and Hannah Bos (writer)

Alum run and acted Empirical Rogue's new production of "Romeo and Juliet" is opening soon.

Get advance tickets now for just $15 at:


Alum Shawtane Bowen is the Rev. Makelove Jackson in "Jeesus Freaks"

We have kindly embedded the first episode for you. You can thank us later. Not really safe for work... or children.