About Us

About Us

The  A.R.T. Alumni Association exists to advocate for the benefit of graduates of the Institute and current Institute students. We provide resources and funding to alumni and their collaborators to foster the creation, development, and presentation of theatrical readings, workshops, and productions for the general public, and to organize public forums on professional and artistic issues of concern to both A.R.T. Alumni and members of the greater dramatic arts community.


Graduates of the American Repertory Theatre Institute share a unique experience. We trained and worked with some of the world’s most visionary theater artists. The past and present leadership of the A.R.T.—Robert Brustein, Robert Woodruff, Gideon Lester and now Diane Paulus—are an inspiration to our alumni. They are innovative, experimental, and independently minded artists.


 It is in this spirit of independence and bold vision that several A.R.T. graduates came together in 2004 to found our own non-profit corporation—the A.R.T. Institute Alumni Association. The organization helps our alumni artists survive and flourish in the competitive and challenging world of the performing arts. We welcome the greater theatre community to engage with our members and share in our unique perspective and crafting new ways of thinking about artistic collaboration and theatrical production in the American theatre.


The A.R.T. Alumni Association is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit
corporation. We are an all volunteer-run organization, which does not receive financial support from the American Repertory Theater, Harvard University or related entities. As such, we survive on membership dues and individual contributions.


For more information contact us at info@artalumniassociation.org